2009 Yamaha YUS3 Used Piano For Sale

Quality Nearly new handcrafted Yamaha YUS3 upright piano for sale

This piano is a rare find.  Purchased new in the UK in 2009, the YUS range is part of Yamaha’s handcrafted series of pianos.  New, the Yamaha YUS3 retails at just over £10,000, making this 3 year old piano excellent value for money.

This piano is on sale for £6,450, including delivery, first tuning and guarantee.  We also include our Piano Gallery Upgrade option – meaning you can get you money back against another piano from us at ANY time in the future.

For more information, photos, or to arrange to come and play the piano, please call us on 01367 244554 or email sales@thepianogallery.co.uk